Concrete Night Lamp

Instructor: Adam Pyrek Course: Environmental Controls I Semester: Spring 2015 Duration: 3 Weeks Teammates: Clare Van Montfrans, Evan Greulich

Hygge (pronounced hooga) is a rough translation of the Danish concept of coziness, though it extends far beyond a singular feeling of cozy. Hygge entails atmosphere, mood, attitude, and spirit. In tasked with designing a light around the type of illuminance we wanted to achieve, our team focused on the transitional period from the commotion of world, work, and day to the hygge of home, room, and family. We envisioned a quality of light that embodied the indispensable acts of slowing down, dreaming, and meditating.


Our light was designed with the heaviness and presence of the hearth and the approachable spirit of a bedside transistor radio. Its form was derived from a desire to illuminate the corner of a room in a glowing orange-yellow while shielding the user from direct glare and providing a gentle wash of light by which to read and write. These essential aspects combined with the single on-off toggle switch set in dark maple make interacting with the light a crisp haptic experience of transition.


The design was based on a 3/4”-thick plywood module. Formwork, composed of a base, two sides, and two laminated masses, was conceived of as a replicable assembly, allowing us to produce lights from a single concrete cast for each of the team members. Though not required, this additional criteria drove the simplicity of construction and distillation of concept.